12 days of Christmas? Here’s 12 essentials for pizza making

Our choice of must-haves:

1.Dough- mixer

The first place to start is to create your base, your pizza dough. Although making pizza dough can seem a simple concept, there is a delicate science to it. This means that a quality dough mixer is essential. Eliani produces spiral dough mixers with mixing capabilities from as little as 1KG to as much as 160KG of dough. Alternatively, ItalMix produce twin arm mixers that knead the dough which replicate real human arms. Eliani and ItalMix are not only reliable but are great pizza dough mixers currently on the market.


2. Dough Boxes

When your perfect dough is created, you will need somewhere to store it. This is where pizza dough boxes come in handy; but beware – they are not all created equal. Not only can your dough box allow for showcasing your branding with a beautiful range of colours, but your dough box must be durable and without ridges to allow for ease of cleaning and 5-star hygiene.

3. Scraper

You will need to be able to smoothly lift your perfectly crafted dough balls from your dough box. For this we have a range of scrapers  – flexible, rigid, stainless steel or plastic.  Whether it’s a more economic option or a more professional heavy-duty version, we believe we have a scraper for every chef, and every pizza.


4. Pizza Prep Fridge

Another essential is a good pizza prep fridge, also known as a prep bench. Not only will you be able to top a pizza in no time at all, but your ingredients will also be kept within safe temperature ranges (which is very important!). One of the errors a new pizza entrepreneur makes is purchasing the wrong type of pizza prep fridge for your business. The costs can stack up rapidly from throwing food away or worse still, making pizzas with unsafe ingredients.


5. Screen/pan

What you use to bake your pizza on/in is more significant than you think. American deep pan? Sicilian? The famous Detroit? We have every screen or pan required!


6. Sauce/Saucer

Another important detail to every pizza is the sauce. The application and the amount can be hard to replicate over and over again for large operations. But, once again, we have you covered. Our convenient range of ladles ensure you have a standardised portion size, but with the personalised touch of individual application.

But if you are looking for a more professional, reliable experience we have the pizza auto-saucing machine for you. A low cost, fast and efficient tool that consistently and accurately applies the precise amount of pizza sauce while perfectly proportioning it onto your dough.


7. Oven

The commercial pizza oven is the cornerstone of any lucrative pizza shop. There are a wide range of options that include but aren’t limited to: electric deck ovens, conveyor ovens, wood-fired ovens, and gas-fired ovens. Your choices will all come down to the kind of pizza you will be offering but also the volume and speed with which you will need to operate. We offer an in-depth consultation service; feel free to give us a call to talk through your requirements so we can help identify the best oven for your operation.

8. Pizza peel

A pizza peel is a kitchen utensil which resembles a large flat shovel. Launching peels are designed to load your pizza into the oven, whereas turning peels are used to spin your pizza to get an even bake, and then remove them from the oven. Both types are essential. Peels can be made from metal (anodised aluminium or stainless steel) or wood. They range in size to suit your pizza and are round, square, or rectangular. Handles can be adjusted to best fit the size of your kitchen.


9. Cutters

There are many slicers available to suit your budget and volume of production. You can choose from a heavy-duty pizza rocker cutters to low-cost pizza cutter wheels which have colour coded handles for meat/vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free pizzas.


10. Oil can

By drizzling your pizza with some oil will ensure colour to your crust. The most popular is Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but you can use anything that matches your customers’ favourite pizzas. The best way to get even coverage and easy pouring is to use an olive oil can the handmade, traditional version is the most popular in a wide range of kitchens.

11. Pizza Plates or Pizza Serving Boards.

Pizza serving boards tend to raise the aesthetic presentation of your pizzeria and can be used to show that you are serious about the product you make. They make an impression – it is a fact that the way one’s food is presented to them affects the overall experience. A beautiful, rustic wooden serving board will always be well-received. On the other hand, for ease, you can always use pizza plates to serve your pizzas.


12. People

Although every piece of equipment mentioned is essential, the most important part is feeding the pizza lover. We at Pizza Equipment & Supplies Ltd take pizza making so seriously – the experience should always be as enjoyable and exhilarating as possible. If you or your staff need further information or further training, or if you know you need equipment but still aren’t quite sure what, give one of our team a call on 01527 528841 and we will be happy to help. We have decades of experience in the pizza making industry and always strive to match you up with the perfect equipment for you, your pizza, and your establishment.

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