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Professional & Residential Pizza Ovens

About the brand

Zio Ciro is a company based in Sardinia, the beautiful Italian island in the Mediterranean. The Zio Ciro company have been producing and supplying ready-made woodfired ovens for over 20 years. They began in the domestic market, but throughout the years their business grew in terms of knowledge, quality and production capacity. They have now expanded internationally, selling Zio Ciro ovens in over 50 countries worldwide.

Their wood/gas fired ovens are entirely produced in an artisanal factory by high skilled workers with years of experience. They use top quality machinery that delivers top quality products.

About the ovens

Zio Ciro ovens are beautifully designed and created, sure to impress – 100% Made in Italy. The Zio Ciro company produce a range of different size ovens to suit all needs; from the Subito Cotto Mini all the way to the Subito Cotto 100. You can use Zio Ciro outside your home to bake pizza for your family and friends, or you can place in your restaurant garden for the wow factor for your guests.

Available in wood or gas fired, these ovens are entirely made of high quality refractory concrete. Because of this, these ovens are superior to a stainless steel wood oven – the refractory material has better thermal properties which allows increased heat retention, thus enabling you to cook for longer, even after the fire has extinguished.

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