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Buyers Guide: Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

Welcome to the Pizza Equipment Buying Guide. Whether you’re looking for a pizza oven or equipment, our guide pages will help you to select the best products for you. The world of pizza ovens is vast; there are many considerations from fuelling and cooking mechanics to the aesthetic of the oven.  Let’s start with wood-fired pizza ovens, the most traditional form of pizza oven.

Wood-fired pizza ovens work by lighting a wood fuelled fire in the side of the oven to heat up the internal hearth. These ovens are built to retain heat and once hot will stay at around 300-500°C. Temperatures in the oven are not even throughout the chamber and so the user needs to manage the movement of the pizzas inside the oven to ensure an even cook.

The wood-fired pizza oven can easily become the focal point in the front of house of any business. Customers truly love being a part of the cooking process and what better way to do this than with a wood-fired pizza oven.

We have different options available which can make using a wood-fired oven even easier. Rotating deck ovens, such as the Marana SU&GIU are excellent ways to achieve an even cook without needing to move the pizzas around the oven manually. As well as this, there are duel-fuelled options from Marana Forni. Which give you even more control over temperatures inside the oven.

Our Favourite Wood-Fired Options