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Proluxe dough presses - a pizza maker’s best friend.

Proluxe™ products combine innovation and functionality to meet your specific needs. Proluxe Dough Presses are a pizza maker’s best friend. For over 30 years these presses have been synonymous with quality pizza equipment and pizza accessories. Each line of manual and automatic dough presses are designed with patented technology. The embedded heating element is backed by the Proluxe exclusive limited lifetime warranty, and easy-to-use automated controls help your staff work efficiently while creating great tasting products every time.

Proluxe is the intelligent choice for restaurants and chefs all over the world. Leveraging technology, Proluxe delivers efficient, high-performing machines for the most demanding kitchens. This cutting-edge equipment allows operators to cut costs and increase output without sacrificing food quality; even making food taste better.
Proluxe is a leading manufacturer of food preparation and cooking equipment designed for the most demanding commercial kitchens.
The vision of Proluxe is to make commercial kitchens more efficient through technology, operational excellence, innovation, and collaboration. Investing in Proluxe Dough Presses might be the best decision you make.

Take control of your pizzeria and gain the advantage over the competition. Proluxe machines don’t get tired, don’t take sick days and outperform skilled labour 365 days a year.
- Perfect crust every time.
- Pressed in under 10 seconds.
- Press up to 400 per hour.

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