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Zio Ciro Nano - Orange

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Product Code : ZC-NANO-O
Product dimensions: Width 53 cm - Depth 47.5 cm - Height 31 cm Front entrance mouth height: 11.5 cm

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Nano is 100% Made in Italy certified.

The new Nano is the latest lightweight gas oven from Zio-Ciro , ideal for residential use with professional performance, with top and dome entirely made of high quality refractory concrete.

The oven can reach a cooking temperature of 450 ° C (850 ° F) in just 15 minutes. It has a hob of 38 × 40 cm.

Nano is entirely insulated with high-density ceramic fibre and is a ready-to-use oven.

Ideal for cooking Italian pizza, it is also suitable for cooking other foods such as meat, fish, vegetables and desserts.

The oven is very light and can be used in small spaces such as terraces, outdoor kitchens or gardens.

The gas consumption is very low, it is equipped with a Made in Italy burner of 7 KW of power. It can only be used with LPG or Propane gas. It is also supplied with a pressure regulator kit, hose, clamps and wrench to tighten the cylinder. 

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The company is based in Sardinia, the beautiful Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. Founded to supply refractory materials, the Zio Ciro brand has been in production for over 20 years. They supply products throughout the World.

Zio Ciro wood/gas fired ovens are entirely produced in an artisanal factory by highly skilled workers with years of experience in the field, using top quality machinery that delivers top quality products. 100% made in Italy, and produced by hand. They are proud of their quality and heritage.

There are a variety of mobile and residential ovens from the ‘Subito Cotto’ line. These ovens can be used outside to bake pizza and a wide range of food items. These ovens are portable and can be placed outside, in the garden, on a balcony or terrace.

Will your Zio Ciro be used for mobile catering or in a trailer? Please take a look at our Limited Warranty Information here.

No delivery and returns policy available
100% Made in Italy Internal dome and hob material: Refractory concrete Insulation: upper and lower with high-performance ceramic fibre Insulation also in the front and rear panel Product dimensions: Width 53 cm - Depth 47.5 cm - Height 31 cm Front entrance mouth height: 11.5 cm Min / max flame adjustment Weight: 35kg Burner power: 7 KW