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Product Code : IGF-ARR-300
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12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty


Dough rounding machine -ARR/300M

  • Rounds portions of bread, pizza and cake dough from 30g to 300g
  • Creates perfect round balls, thanks to the rising movement of dough portions through the auger.
  • It does not stress the dough, it doesn't heat or alter the dough properties in any way.
  • Provided with stainless steel shell auger in aluminium or Teflon aluminium, robust, easy to use and fast to clean
  • All the components meet the hygiene and safety standards.
  • Up to 75% Hydration.

IGF was born in 1994, offering a wide choice in electric deck ovens and now, in rounders. IGF is a company with a great tradition behind it and whose mission focuses on customer care and satisfaction. They have a lengthy history in the heat management industry, and the natural evolution has led to the design and manufacture of excellent pizza ovens.

The machines are your best and most reliable business partner - they provide superior performance which reflects in your pizza product, every time.

Single Phase 220V 50Hz 0.37Kw 13Amps UK Plug
Dimension W39 x D58 x H79cm 47 Kg
Castors with front brakes

IGF Dough Rounder Specification Booklet


12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty
This IGF dough rounding machine creates perfectly round balls of dough for pizzerias and bakeries. It makes work easier by reducing significantly the preparation time. The ARR/300 rounds portions of bread, pizza and cakes dough from 30 up to 300 grams. If you require a larger quantity of dough, the ARR/800-801 is capable of rounding quantities dough from 20 up to 800 grams.


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