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What accessories do I need for a pizza oven?

What Pizza accessories are helpful?

Here are some accessories that will ensure you are cooking your pizzas in the best way. Your pizzas will taste exceptional, your kitchen will run efficiently, and your customers will be coming back for more. In this article, we discuss the essential pizza oven accessories that you will need.

Pizza Peels – Launching & Turning

Pizza Peels

This perfect accessory makes cooking pizza so much easier and saves valuable time for all your professional pizza chefs. Pizza peels are an essential pizza oven accessory.

They are used to move your finished pizza from the counter into the oven, ensuring it looks as good as it did during preparation. They can have long handles for sliding pizzas into the oven, or short handles if your space is limited. (We can supply the correct peel dependent on the pizza oven and space you have.) The head of the pizza peel varies in size dependent on the size of the pizza you are baking.

With the right pizza turning peel, you can turn the pizza for an even bake, and use it to get the pizza out of the oven when its ready, ensuring it stays intact. Never use your launching peel for turning or removing pizza from the oven – they are two very different but very necessary accessories for your pizza oven.

Metal pizza peels are very durable and easy to clean. You can select a pizza peel that is perforated or solid dependent on your needs. A perforated pizza peel has holes for reduced friction, and to allow the flour to drop through when loading your pizza into the oven; this avoids burnt flour on the base of your dough and keeps your oven cleaner for longer.

Wooden pizza peels are also available and dependant on your personal preference we can supply either. Some pizza chefs prefer wooden peels as they are more authentic.

We have a selection of handle sizes for you to choose. We know your oven gets very hot, so to reach the back you may need a long handle dependent on your oven size, or a shorter handle if you only have a small oven chamber.

Pizza Cutter

Pizza connoisseurs want pizzas to be presented at their best; to help you do this, you will need the right pizza cutter.

When the pizza is still hot out of the oven a pizza cutter will make easy work slicing up the pizza. Make sure you get a stainless-steel item, so that is it easy to clean and is durable in the long run. We can supply heavy duty versions that will last longer and withstand more use.

 Oven Brush

After all the cooking must come the cleaning to ensure the life of your pizza oven. An oven brush allows you to carefully clean all the debris and remaining food whilst not damaging your pizza oven floor.

Having an excellent long-handled brush will be handy when you want to reach into the far end of the oven to clean up the crumbs and ash.

We supply brush lengths based on your requirements.

Depending on your preference, brushes can be provided with brass bristles or natural bristles,

Pizza Bubble Popper

Once you have used this product, you will be amazed at how you coped without one. As the name itself suggests, a pizza bubble popper does precisely that – it pops out any air bubbles that form when the pizza dough cooks. These air bubbles can ruin the appearance and the texture of the pizza whilst cooking.

We all initially eat with our eyes, so this pizza bubble popper will help ensure your pizza looks as good as it tastes. The pizza bubble popper is durable, easy to clean and very affordable.

Olive Oil cans

Olive Oil cans
Olive Oil cans

During the preparation of your dough, drizzle your pizza with some oil to ensure colour to your crust. The most popular is Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but you can use anything that matches your customers’ favourite pizzas.

Pizza Portion Tray

One of the most used accessories; saving you time and ensuring you get equal portions and sizes every time.

We hope these accessories help you in the kitchen. If you need any further help, please do get in touch with us.