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What equipment do you need to make pizza?

Pizza making is not an easy task. A lot of effort goes into making the best traditional pizzas, and you can’t just whip one up on a whim on a Friday night with your kitchen utensils. Sure, you can use your home oven to create one, but if you are trying to make pizzas as a business, you will need specialist pizza equipment. It will be a serious investment - in this article we will go through the leading equipment that you will need to make pizzas.

The Main Equipment for Pizza Making

The fairly obvious item that you are going to need to make professional pizza is a dedicated pizza oven. There are many kinds of ovens available for you to choose from depending on your style of pizza and the space you have available. You will need to figure out what type of pizza you will be producing and what oven capacity you will need when deciding on your oven.

But before you cook your pizza, you will need to prepare it – the most important part! Getting your dough right is essential when making tasty pizzas. Dough mixing can be a time-consuming and tiresome activity. Making small batches by hand can be very frustrating for you and your customers who are waiting to get their pizzas. Invest in a dough mixer with a capacity of around 25KG if you want to be prepared to make a lot of pizzas fast. Dough mixers are available with capacity as little as 6KG or as huge as 160KG, depending on your needs.

For topping your pizza easily and in good time a good preparation counter is important. You will be able to prepare pizzas professionally, fast and whilst maintaining good hygiene. If you are aiming to become successful in the pizza trade, you will need to invest in the right professional-level equipment.

The Pizza Making Accessories

At the next level, there are accessories or secondary items that you will require for pizza making. These usually get overlooked initially but are just as crucial for the pizza-making process. The ones that fall into this category are items like dough trays, pizza screens, pizza racks and pizza peels.

You need trays to store dough that you have just mixed until proves, and dough trays for the balled-up dough to rest before it is ready to be put in the oven. A good set of dough trays is handy for saving space because they are stackable and useful dough box trolleys are available for easy mobility of your stack of trays. If you are operating in a small area, these become invaluable.

If you are using pizza pans to cook your pizza, pizza racks are where all of your prepped pizzas will be stored until they are put in the oven to be cooked. They are also very useful for storing pizza pans, screens and disks when not in use.

Finally, the pizza peel is the final item that you will need for the pizza cooking process. You will use a launching peel to put the pizza into the oven, and a turning peel to turn the pizza throughout the bake, and to remove the pizza from the oven. Pizza peels with their flat head and long handle will help you take the pizzas out of the oven without burning yourself.

The Things you need to Nail Your Pizza Presentation

And then there is the equipment that you will need for the pizza serving and presentation. After you have cooked your pizza, what will you use to serve it to people who have come to dine at your restaurant?

There are two options for this: Pizza Plates or the more traditional Pizza Serving Boards. Pizza serving boards tend to raise the aesthetic presentation of your pizzeria and can be used to show that you are serious about the product you make. On the flip side, you can always use pizza plates to serve your pizzas - pizza plates are easier to clean and maintain, although less aesthetically pleasing.

If you are selling pizza by the slice it is important that all of your slices are equal, so customers do not get upset by a smaller portion at the same price. You can purchase pizza cutter boards, with lines indented in them to help guide your pizza cutter and produce equal slices time after time. You can use professional pizza wheel cutters, pizza rocker cutters, or pizza scissors to ensure you give your slices a clean, cut finish without ruining the toppings or cheese.

The Items You Need for Pizza Takeaway & Delivery

If you are serving pizzas as a takeaway or home delivery, you will need the right pizza boxes as well as pizza delivery bags. Nowadays, nearly all pizza boxes are biodegradable or at least recyclable, which is good for the environment and a good impression to make on your customers, of which a growing number will be environmentally conscious.

When delivering pizzas to homes, the pizzas must arrive hot and create the feeling like it is straight out of the oven. Cold pizzas will damage the reputation of your pizzeria, so invest in some quality pizza delivery bags for your drivers to ensure that your pizzas reach your customers at the best possible quality.

In the very end, we have a wide range of items that help in the pizza-making process. There are many more such as chef aprons and heat-resistant gloves. Things like heat-resistant gloves are useful items to protect you when working with hot pizza ovens and with pizza peels and screens that tend to get very hot.

Chef Aprons help to protect you from flying embers as well the occasional stain that might otherwise ruin your clothes. Plus, a lovely chef’s apron will give you a very professional appearance while operating in the pizzeria, creating a professional appearance.